The myth of the Belleville Three had a good life, but now it’s time for the final nail in its coffin to be well and truly hammered down. With Derrick May now having effectively been disgraced, it has brought about the revelation in Detroit that they will now never see the three men who perform under this fictional name together again.

Nearly a fortnight ago, I published a not terribly flattering post about Derrick May, citing a source in his native Detroit who compared him to South Park’s Kenny McCormick. In the original show, Kenny used to die in numerous graphic ways in every episode – something which was eventually made permanent as writers were unable to think of any new ways to see his demise each week.

Shortly after this, an episode of the show aired where the remaining boys ran auditions to find a new friend. And by the looks of it, this might have just happened for the Belleville Three – only none of us even knew about it.

On April 15th – Good Friday, the start of the Easter weekend, no less – thousands of people will gather in London for an event at Tobacco Dock. The Haçienda are holding an event and the Hot stage is an interesting one to behold…

Kevin Saunderson is there, Juan Atkins is there and Carl Craig will also be there. Derrick May was originally scheduled to appear, but his appearance was dropped in September 2020 following revelations by Ellie Flynn and Annabel Ross of numerous allegations of sexual assault and rape.

This is effectively the new reincarnation of the Belleville Three. Kevin Saunderson is the one who had talent throughout and still does. Juan Atkins is the one who didn’t have much talent to start with. And Carl Craig is the one who used to be good in the 90s but is now a parody of himself – and a pretty crap one at that.

They might not realise it yet, but FAC51 The Haçienda have managed to bag the exclusive first appearance from the new Belleville Three. Expect plenty more of these. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall when Derrick May realises the guy he previously mentored has effectively taken over a part of his career…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.