Mind the wet paint! Amateur’s House has a new name, new look – but the same sense of purpose that followers will love and detractors will dread

You might notice that I’ve got the painters in. They’ll be around for a few more days in the background, but some of the bigger changes took place last night. Not least the sign for Amateur’s House, the new name the blog. Some new banners have gone up and will be going up too.

Rest assured that the blog will otherwise remain much unchanged. Expect more about the many flaws in the scene, but you can also expect to start seeing some more positive stories too – even I have to admit there’s not enough of those. And expect more coverage of things that you won’t see covered elsewhere too.

Writing about stuff in dance music that others won’t? It’s what I do. Normal posts resume shortly…

Shake your lettuce! The heartwarming story behind the lead track of my new EP, out on May 17th

You might have noticed a banner appearing at the top of this website in recent days, and wondering what it’s all about. Well, it’s the title of my new two track EP, soon to be released on 3rd Way Recordings.

The first record is called “Shake Your Lettuce”. Why the weird name? Well, I’d made this track with a few rhodes chords and a big bassline on it, but wasn’t quite sure what to call it. Around the same time, my 4 year old son started saying “shake your lettuce” a lot. No idea why, but I recorded him saying it and stuck it on the track.

And if that’s not for you, the deeper alternative track will be. “Danny’s Analogous House” is a throwback to the olden days when that organ bass sound was everywhere – although I’m at pains to point out this is not the constantly recurring Korg M1 organ patch!

Track previews and preorder links are now on Traxsource, ahead of the May 17th release…

Things don’t stop at weekends here!

You might be new to this site, so allow me to explain. Things don’t stop here at the weekends. There’s plenty still going on at this 7-day a week operation.

First of all, here’s a reminder that this is out this week. Lovely soulful house with Morris Revy and a garage dub too!

Tomorrow morning, you’ve got a useful recap coming up just in case you’ve missed anything from another busy week on the blog…

Then in the afternoon, the weekly review of the best tracks to come out the past 7 days…

And Sunday is filled with the usual Sunday stuff. Plenty to see you through to another Monday morning…

Amateur At Play & Morris Revy – Perfect Vacation (OUT 22/03)

Thanks to those of you who have been getting behind this forthcoming release. There’s been the odd “not for me”, but I’ve also seen support from some unexpected quarters. Always nice!

Preorders are now being taken on Traxsource. Simply add it to your basket and you’ll have it on the day of release – March 22nd*.

* Traxsource on March 22nd, everywhere else on April 5th.

Watch me count my money!

I keep a close eye on whose playing my music out there. Partly because of my own personal curiosity and partly because I like to know what’s resonating with people. It’s not always easy to work it out even in this digital age.

So it’s with that in mind I thank Scott Walker’s Weekend Afterparty for playing not one, but two* of my releases on his latest show, which also highlights a large number of 3rd Way Recordings releases. It’s at times like this I’m proud to be associated with the label – my god, they put out some seriously good music!

You can listen to the whole show here. You should, frankly. You won’t regret it.

* The two songs played are “Black Dogs In Car Parks” – one of the Jordan Trove mixes – and the dub of “What You Want” with Morris Revy. Both can be heard from 49 minutes onwards.