Wednesday Whisper #23 – the DJ threatening a libel suit over anyone printing bullying allegations (which he isn’t denying!)

Which DJ, based in the north of England, has been making increasingly desperate attempts to stop a former member of staff from speaking to the press about several incidents of bullying? The DJ in question is occasionally featured in more mainstream media and has been in the business for many years.

For some years now, it’s been an open secret that he’s not easy to work with. But things culminated last year when a number of his employees left their jobs within a short time period. And one of them cites a number of incidents of bullying at the hands of the DJ.

But things are getting increasingly out of control over the matter. The victim has contacted a few journalists in the dance music world about the story – but none have yet run it. Why? Because the DJ is threatening libel proceedings against anyone who does, including the victim.

The DJ’s lawyers have sent out a letter which explains their position. Curiously, no denial of the allegations is made at any stage in the letter…

Wednesday Whisper #22 – the DJ alleged to have caused a security scare due to his particularly windy problem…

Which DJ just can’t stop farting? No, I never expected to write this one either – but it appears the male in question developed something of a problem during lockdown – he started letting out large numbers of increasingly noxious farts.

This wasn’t much of an issue during lockdown, as there’s typically no one around to sniff out the aroma during a live stream – although the odd instance did occur where the sound could be picked up by his microphone. But as gigs have returned, this is becoming more and more of a problem.

Word is that he recently cleared out the entire back stage area of a gig after letting one out of his back passage. The deeply unpleasant eggy smell – think of catalytic converters on older cars and you’ll get the idea – had security worried someone had set off a stink bomb. Mercifully, no one sussed the real explanation for the odour…

Wednesday Whisper #21 – the DJ who cared about the environment… until someone mentioned the air miles involved in his Colombian import of choice!

Which DJ and producer has recently been persuaded by his friends to avoid talking about the environment on his social media pages? The DJ started mentioning a while ago that he’d been thinking during lockdown about how much damage humans are doing to the earth, and how he wanted to do more to help.

Which is fair enough. Now, the DJ in question is in the later stages of his career now and does a lot less travelling than he used to – but there is another activity he participates in which is very environmentally unfriendly. Namely, he likes the old Colombian imports.

Word is that the posts in question were starting to attract attention from journalists – many of whom would be happy to expose him, yet would prefer their own habit to remain hidden. After a friend explained to him roughly how many air miles were involved in his habit of choice, he made a dramatic decision.

No, it wasn’t the environmentally friendly choice of giving it up. Rather, he just stopped posting about the environment…

Wednesday Whisper #20 – the “gatekeeper” DJ who met his match in an, ahem, ballsy opponent who delivered a real kick

Which up and coming female DJ recently put another, older male DJ in his place recently? The woman in question has slowly but steadily making inroads into house music over the past few years and is starting to get noticed by the big venues.

The story goes that she recently went to do a set at a venue in London. The show went well, and she was backstage afterwards packing up and getting ready to go home when a male DJ of many years happened to walk past.

They both started talking and all was well at first – until the male DJ started talking about how he could help her to get a lot more gigs. Upon revealing his belief that the best way to get more work was to sleep with him, the lady in question responded with as much dignity to this undignified situation which she could muster.

She kicked him in the nether regions and told him never to “try that s*** on me again”. And the story also goes he was walking with a bit of a hobble in the days afterwards…

Wednesday Whisper #19 – the DJ in a frantic race to stop the world finding out he’s a homophobe…

Which DJ is keen to make sure that no one finds out about his homophobia? Acutely aware that a revelation he doesn’t like gay people will potentially destroy his career in a scene which was ultimately founded by gay people, he’s gone to his solicitors to stop the truth from coming out.

The story goes that the DJ in question was asked whether he’d do a set at a Pride event due to take place next year. He was going to be offered a sizeable amount of money to do it as well. Normally, he relays his answers via his manager – but not this time. He phoned the organisers directly and declined the offer, using a number of homophobic slurs to do so.

The phone call was recorded – as is standard practice at this particular organisation – and has been heard by Amateur’s House. Since then, the Pride event in question has received a long letter from his solicitors demanding they remain quiet about what has happened – otherwise “our client reserves the right to seek legal remedy”.

Crucially, the legal letter fails to deny the allegations made against him at any stage. Now why would that be, eh?

Wednesday Whisper #18 – the festival who say they cancelled because of Covid restrictions… but is that the truth or just a tall tale for the conspiracy theorists?

Which festival recently announced they were cancelling for this year and haven’t been entirely upfront on the reason why? The festival in question confirmed lately that they would not be holding an event in 2021, citing ongoing Covid restrictions.

More suspicious is their claim that the government’s forthcoming vaccine passports policy has invalidated the insurance the festival has in place. If you think that can’t possibly be true – that’s because it isn’t. They’ve literally made it up.

So what’s the real reason for the cancellation? It’s simple. Ticket sales were appallingly bad and they would have lost a heap of money had they gone ahead. However, the tall tale about their insurance being invalidated is being well received by the conspiracy theorists who make up a large number of their fans…

Wednesday Whisper #17 – the journalist being blackmailed by their own friend… because a DJ doesn’t want a corruption scandal being made public

Which dance music journalist – yes, you read that correctly – is currently stuck in a quandary caused by being too close to their subject? The journalist in question was recently sent an email providing them with a tip off about a scandal involving a DJ. They followed this up and discovered the allegations being made were true.

There’s just one problem. The journalist is a close friend of the DJ. And since the DJ found out the press are starting to become aware of the scandal, they have been applying various forms of pressure on the journalist to keep quiet.

These have resorted from promises of money for not running the story – I believe that’s called taking a bribe – to the DJ saying “I’ll play the race card to get out of this”. Now that they haven’t worked, threats have been made to bring the journalist crashing down by bringing some “improprieties” committed earlier in their career to the world’s attention.

If the allegations about the journalist are true, they’ll probably never work for another serious outlet again…

Wednesday Whisper #16 – the DJ who went the beach on his day off and almost got himself into a fight!

Which DJ and producer almost ended up in a fight with a drunk recently? The aforementioned DJ was on the beach during a very hot spell of weather. He was seen eating a particularly large ice cream bought from a nearby shop on the day – hardly surprising in the conditions.

Anyway, he later decided to get into the sea to cool down a bit. Things went well initially, until a male shouted at him to “get out of the water, the tide wants to come in” – a comment that the DJ, not surprisingly, took some issue with.

Upon getting out of the water to confront the man who made the remark, the DJ quickly had to be restrained from knocking a blow onto the rather impolite gentleman…