Month: July 2021

Try not to U-turn just after this blog goes to print this time! 51st State are the latest to announce cashless wristbands – but why ARE festivals so keen to push this right now?

I'd better get this one written up and published as quickly as possible. 51st State Festival have a bit of a habit of changing their minds, as demonstrated on Thursday. It seems they've decided in their wisdom that they don't want your money anymore. Or more specifically, they don't want…

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Derrick May gets booked to appear at Shelter’s 30th birthday – but WHY is a techno DJ who almost never plays house music who’s never performed at the club on the line-up at all?

Traditionally, the birthdays of nightclubs are celebrated with a big line-up. A fair amount of money is often spent on them. Clubs have a lot of adversaries who would rather they didn't exist, so every victory like this must be savoured and enjoyed. And that often means booking DJs who…

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51st State Festival caves in to the anti-vaxxer brigade and declares tests to enter the venue optional – but was a rebellion by pampered, egotistical DJs behind the decision?

The news cycle moves quickly sometimes. Late last night, I wrote an article about Hannah Wants and whether she would have a response about the news that 51st State Festival had made it mandatory to show proof of vaccine, a negative test or proof of recent infection in order to…

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