At the moment, the UK is in lockdown after a massive spike in coronavirus cases over Christmas and the New Year. Who’d have thought that encouraging people to spend it with several households would have spread the virus, eh?

The rules vary depending on which UK country you’re in, but across the four nations, there is a clamour to find out when things can start returning to normal. This is something journalists have noticed and in the absence of definitive information, they’ve pounced.

Cue ridiculous stories currently doing the rounds like pubs being allowed to open for Easter but with selling alcohol not being permitted. Sure enough, the dance music press are doing exactly the same thing.

Will Ibiza be open for tourists this year, asks Mixmag. The article should read “no fucker actually knows at the moment for sure. We’ll get back to you once we have actual information to share”. But that won’t do for a journalist with a deadline or target to reach, will it?

So the article is inevitably filled with something that might happen, something else that might happen, something else again that might happen and the disclaimer that none of this might happen and something of a totally different formation might happen.

Mixmag might call this journalism. I would definitely call this bollocks.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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