clickbait journalism

Solomun’s got a new album to promote – but take a guess which of his recent activities the dance music press WON’T be telling their readers about?

You can usually tell when the dance music press are looking for that exclusive interview with someone about their latest project. They start being extremely supine, writing only the nicest things and leaving out bits that the artist might get a teeny bit upset about. This is something you can…

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Does anyone at Mixmag EVER read over what they publish? Headline about nine ravers looking forward to going out again leaves followers scratching their heads

Oh, how I do enjoy mocking Mixmag, the dance music magazine that covers a 24/7 culture - but only during office hours. Yet I also admit to being baffled how their operation continues to run without editors. Proofreading material before it's published is an important job. It ensures that everything…

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