YouTube has announced that they’re going to start a campaign on their site to encourage young people to get the Covid-19 vaccine. According to BBC News, they’re going to put adverts on the video sharing site as well as buses and billboards.

This is good news, no matter how you look at it. Yes, YouTube have been slow to stop the spread of ridiculous conspiracy theories on the virus, but they’ve got this one right. And it looks like the timing of this campaign is spot on too.

Right now, the under 35s that they’re targeting can only get a vaccination in some of the UK. At the time of writing, you need to be 38 or older in England to get one. And in Scotland, the minimum is 40.

Only in Wales and Northern Ireland – where anyone over 30 can now have it – currently crosses the threshold, but given how incredibly fast the programme has been moving, it won’t be long.

Go and get your jab. No, you won’t have 5G emitting from your brain afterwards but you will have protection from a virus that could take a very nasty turn for you…

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