Here’s another story that you won’t read on Mixmag, or on any of their competitors. For some reason, there’s some kind of code in place which means they don’t say anything negative about each other – luckily for my readers, I don’t subscribe!

Mixmag’s owners, Wasted Talent, filed accounts with Companies House last year – and they don’t make nice reading for the beleaguered magazine. In 2018, they made a loss of £1.4million. In 2019, they exceeded themselves by managing to lose £4,828,988.

To give you some context, that’s enough money to book Peggy Gou for some 190 odd gigs, and you’d still have change afterwards. Or enough to get you some 2 million tracks on Beatport.

The most recent group of companies statement reveals that £3million of new money was invested into the business during March and April 2020. Accounts to the end of last year are not yet available – but I’ll be very interested to see how much the situation has changed for Mixmag’s owners.

All of their accounts can be found here, if you want a more detailed look.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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