Much is being made at the moment by the dance music world of a headline from The Times newspaper, of all places. “Big events without masks are no riskier than shopping, Covid trials show” shouted the story – although unless you bought Wednesday’s paper or subscribe online, you won’t be able to read their report.

Apparently, the initial data looks promising for the test events they’ve been putting on. And a lot of people seem to think – mostly out of desperate vested interest – that means the June 21st relaxation of Covid rules for England is still on.

And in a sign of how desperate they are to believe this, they’re even citing Boris Johnson when he says there’s no sign of that date changing. Because the word of a man who’s made a career out of lying is to be trusted, isn’t it?

I keep saying this, and I’m going to say it again. The test event results are, frankly, largely irrelevant at the moment. The real concern is this Indian variant of Covid-19 – after all, who’d have thought allowing a virus to circulate rampantly would mean it could mutate into a more transmissible version of itself?

It’s very simple. If this variant is kept under control and its spread is limited, the June 21st date is unlikely to change. But if it starts causing an increase in the numbers being hospitalised, that date will almost certainly be pushed back.

And the best way to avoid that? Get your vaccine. It’s not difficult. If you’ve been called up, get it done. If you haven’t, get it once a letter arrives in the post.

The dance music press should have the guts to point out this message, and face down the deniers, loonies and basket cases. But they won’t.

They should also ask why England is the only country in the UK to set such a date. But they won’t do that either. Mostly because it’ll cost them money if it doesn’t – but they don’t want to tell you that…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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