Occasionally, I do more analytical pieces on this blog. Some things can’t be explained in a few sentences, after all. I wrote a few weeks ago about some things going on at Defected Records which, to say the least, bothered me.

Todd Edwards recently signed a deal with the label allowing them to release some 140 tracks from his personal archive. And whilst I’m always glad to see limited edition vinyl releases from the 90s being made available digitally, that wasn’t the only thing Defected wanted to do.

For starters, you can’t help but suspect that Simon Dunmore is trying to do this on the cheap. Masters At Work received two House Masters compilations, both with three CDs. Todd Edwards gets one disc with remixes, and one disc with his own productions. I wonder if he’s feeling a tad cheated in comparison…

Defected have also decided to print up some “Jesus Loves UK Garage” shirts, just like Todd used to wear. Except they’re not. For starters, they don’t have the same typeface. And they cost £28 plus £6 to post it within the UK.

Alternatively, the shopping tab on Google brings up a number of options. The best option I can see is a £15.99 shirt on Amazon with the correct font and free delivery with a Prime subscription. You’ll have it by the weekend – the Defected option won’t be with you until June 15th, at least.

Simon Dunmore is obviously aware of the old saying – a fool and his money are easily parted…

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