The danger with trying to deceive people is that the truth will one day come back and bite you on the derrière. Firstly, there was the revelation that A Guy Called Gerald is owed a sackload of money for “Voodoo Ray”. Then it emerged Jesse Saunders is owed money for “Love Can’t Turn Around” and he blames Pete Tong for it.

I’ve come across another story which deserves a wider airing. For some years now, Peven Everett has been claiming that the garage anthem “Gabriel” was his sole work and that Roy Davis Jr basically just tagged his name to it. He even claimed that “Roy’s mom hated him for this”.

Roy Davis Jr has spoken about Everett before, and not in a good way. In a 2013 interview with Ransom Note, he described him as “a headache” and said he was a person who couldn’t handle “the music business”. Everett is equally unflattering when he speaks about Davis Jr.

The allegation has never been denied, but the record labels still credit both men on the record to this day…