These days, it appears that DJs must have a range of merchandise to sell. With a pandemic having been on for the past year and a bit, no opportunity to make extra money must be refused.

Even DJ Sneak has a little corner of the internet where he flogs hats, shirts and bundles of his records – where all the samples he uses are cleared and artists are paid an agreed percentage out of each purchase. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Carl Cox’s particularly flashy shop, selling clothes and even baby accessories, was chronicled here back on May 6th. And now it appears that Danny Tenaglia has jumped on the bandwagon too. Granted, it’s not quite as extravagant as Cox’s place, but it’s got modern and clean design all over.

Tenaglia’s selection of products is not quite as extensive, but he’s much more comfortable on the cash-in front. For example, under the category “Music Is The Answer” – named after his 1998 hit song with Celeda – he has no less than 30 different options for you. The price goes up to $84.95 for a hoodie.

The one section I’m disappointed with? Homeware. I was hoping, at the least, for the option to purchase a lamp with Tenaglia’s face staring back at me…

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