Kyle J Dupuy is a curious creature. He defended May in his action against Michael James earlier this year – which May himself abandoned after being told to cough up $10,000 for discovery purposes – and he recently attended a party at TV Lounge where the two men had a cosy chat – presumably not about his legal bill.

However, fighting a case for Derrick May that got abandoned isn’t the only thing Dupuy is famous for. Some years ago, he made an appearance on the TV. It wasn’t exactly with his name in shining stars, but do read on.

What you’re about to see is from a series called Hardcore Pawn. It’s all about the trials and tribulations of American Jewelry and Loan, which is a pawn shop in Detroit. Thanks to Wikipedia, I know this episode first went out in September 2012.

A woman went into the store to redeem her son’s pawn on her mother’s gold ring – allegedly worth $10k – but was told they had no pawns on file. On producing a pawn ticket, Leslie Gold – the shop owner – found the ticket was counterfeit. She then contacted her solicitor of choice, Kyle J Dupuy. Let’s see what happens…

He quite literally will represent anyone…

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