One ongoing mystery whilst I’ve been investigating Derrick May involves his friend Carl Craig, who has now effectively taken May under his wing. What is the relationship like between the two men? And why have the Craigs now decided to help May out? This isn’t an easy one to answer. Sources close to Carl Craig are an awful lot more discreet than sources close to Derrick May, I can tell you…

On paper, the story of Carl and Hagi Craig commands respect. They live in an area of Michigan called Grosse Point. Time was that black people weren’t allowed to live in this area, such were segregation laws in the state. So the fact that the couple live there is quite the big deal. And much of it is because Hagi believes in the talent that Carl has and makes sure he gets paid big money for it – and she’s no novice when it comes to business either.

Their house is currently worth around $700,000 – and it even has three bathrooms, and a garage with room for two vehicles. They’ve done nicely for themselves. So why have the couple seemingly decided to try and save Derrick May’s career? Once again, this is something that, on paper, they don’t need to do. The only thing sources have been able to tell me to date is that the Craigs are definitely not doing it just out of the goodness of their own hearts.

I also know that Derrick May’s personal relationship with Hagi Craig is difficult. As one source put it, “he respects her in a business sense, but he can’t stand her in other ways. She’s a very disciplined person, so Derrick not liking her wasn’t a surprise”.

There’s more questions than answers right now…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.