Last Saturday, DJ Empress decided to put someone “on blast”, to use her choice of expression. Having posted a highly selective excerpt of a conversation, she then decided to name the man as DJ and promoter Christian Bruna. She then spent several days playing the victim.

After this blog revealed that there was much more to this conversation than she disclosed, she suddenly changed tack – deleting her Facebook page and refusing to apologise for her dishonesty.

And yesterday, she decided to delete the original posts which caused this drama in the first place. According to her Facebook post, she said “I do not want to be a part of any drama in the scene” – having been part of one for the past week. Miss Empress has a very selective mind…

Laughably, she also said “After what we all have been through with last year and this year, I know we are all stressed out and we don’t need anymore”. Perhaps she could now help Mr Bruna out by apologising for spreading lies about him online.

Could she be the same Christina Empress who last year revealed in great detail how Erick Morillo had behaved in her presence when she was just 17 years old? The very same.

At the time, many people shamefully accused her of crying wolf in a horrific, misogynistically fuelled wat of words – yet here she is doing exactly the same thing to another person. Not as much of a mental health advocate as she makes out, is she?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.