I must be going up in the world. Earlier this week, I wrote about how I’d just found out one of Derrick May’s pals had started following me on Twitter to try and spook me. And yesterday, I discovered I have a troll who seems to have decided it fancies me.

It’s been going all around my site trying to leave comments, mostly of the personal insults variety. Unfortunately for the troll, the comment settings on this site mean that they’ve all ended up in the moderation queue. Had the comments been funny or witty, I might have approved them – but they’re just tedious. Must do better!

That said, the troll did say one thing that no one has before. It told me that my “deep house was cheap house”. That’s a first. Over the years, I’ve received a lot of feedback on my music. One of the more positive ones was “they show an incredibly detailed knowledge of music theory”.

On the other side of the scale, one person once told me “your music is so s*** that your best hope is to burn your studio down with all your files in it”. My music’s over here, if anyone fancies doing their own critique…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.