I thought it was time to explain one or two things about this blog to the many new arrivals recently. You’re all very welcome indeed, but I just need to make a few things clear.

Firstly, this blog doesn’t take many of the people in dance music seriously. They don’t deserve to be taken seriously, frankly. Many of them have spent years having their egos fed and stroked at every opportunity and actually believe the hype which surrounds them. Which is why some of them don’t like this blog – I tell things like they are, not like the press release which goes to Resident Advisor.

Secondly, I had someone ask me about the structure of the week. Well, it’s pretty simple – the week here starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Sunday to Friday is a combination of the serious and the silly. Saturday consists of a recap of the week, a review column and something lighter in the evening – although obviously if a big story breaks, things can be subject to change.

And on Wednesday, I run the glorious Wednesday Whisper column. Since I started blogging here, I’ve been sent all kinds of stuff which I can’t publish in its entirety – partly because some of the stuff is unverifiable, and partly because you never know when lawyers are watching. But it would a real shame not to use the stories in some way – so they go in there with names and a few other details redacted.

Gossip? There’s a demand for it. Most weeks, the most popular time for the blog is Wednesday at 6pm – which is the time that column appears every week…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.