Congratulations are a due to Gerald Simpson, otherwise known as A Guy Called Gerald. Back on June 21st, I wrote about a fundraiser for a legal action that the man himself launched – having confirmed some weeks earlier that he never made any money out of the original release of “Voodoo Ray” and his Hot Lemonade EP.

The target of £20,000 has now been reached and solicitors have been given their instructions. It could be a while before anything further happens, but I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, the fundraiser appears to be still accepting donations – and I imagine Simpson is particularly pleased by the anonymous donation of £4287 on July 18th.

Now that he’s taken the sensible decision to get lawyers involved in the matter, perhaps he could apply for some sage thinking to other areas of his life too. One of those could be his stance on the Covid-19 vaccine. Whilst not quite up at Danny Rampling levels of delusion, some of the views being expressed are pretty odd. For example, there was this…

Who’s stopping him from speaking out? This is a common narrative Simpson uses on posts – for example, when someone asked him recently about the numerous allegations facing Derrick May, he simply responded saying he’d been told to stick to talking about music. Once again, the source of whoever or whatever was telling him to keep his trap shut wasn’t disclosed.

A source over in Manchester tells me Simpson’s health has not been great in the past few years and his refusal to get the vaccine is a matter of some bafflement. And so is his truly weird claim that governments around the world are somehow using the Covid vaccine as a way of creating some kind of human blockchain.

You’re well on the way to becoming Danny Rampling’s sidekick there, Gerald. Not a good route to go down…

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