Regular readers might recall the particularly bizarre story of how Sterling Void wanted to raise $152 to pay for his mother’s funeral – after she suffered the terrible misfortune of dying for the second time. Even by the surreal standards of Void, this was truly weird.

Now it appears that Void has decided to start a new fundraiser. His mother – who actually died in October 2019 – isn’t involved with this one. No, it’s for the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis – a hospital some 535 miles away from Void’s home city of Chicago.

Here’s a section of the post on his Facebook page. It is clearly written, all the words are spelled correctly and it’s coherent. So you can be absolutely confident he did not write even one syllable of it himself.

His target? £146. That’s roughly $200. And how’s the fundraiser going?

Oh dear.

Sterling Void has refused to comment.