I finally have some good news to report concerning Derrick May. His plan to relocate to Europe has suffered a major, potentially fatal, setback. His Greek girlfriend, whom he less than affectionately called his “passport” is, well, no longer his girlfriend. Their relationship is at an end.

Exactly how things ended is not 100% clear, but I understand the pair have not spoken for some two months. Despite Sofia Tsagaraki’s attempts to contact him, May has effectively ghosted her. I also gather that May has offered no explanation to Tsagaraki as to why he’s no longer interested.

When I reached out to a source close to May, he simply said “I didn’t know this had happened, but I had a feeling it was coming. I guess the attention he was getting online for it didn’t help. It wasn’t gonna last, though,”. It might also explain why Tsagaraki has spent the past few weeks posting increasingly revealing photos on Instagram…

I honesty do wish Tsagaraki well in the rest of her life. But sadly, I can’t let her be on her way without pointing out that last September, she was vociferously defending Derrick May on social media – claiming to be “completely on your side” whilst attacking journalist Michael James for daring to criticise her man.

I wasn’t aware that Derrick May’s many victims were “seeking fame” or “didn’t get the attention they wanted”. Perhaps she could now use this opportunity to publicly distance herself from her ex and apologise unreservedly for these disgusting allegations she makes…

And next time, Sofia, try to choose better. Then again, could you do any worse?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.