This blog believes that people should be held to account for their actions and opinions. In the case of Danny Rampling, I have gone after him quite aggressively, because I happen to believe some of the views he’s spreading are potentially dangerous. His almost daily mentions of things “proving” the vaccine is dangerous is nothing short of irresponsible.

But are the positions that Rampling has taken during the pandemic now affecting his earning potential? To the best of my knowledge, he didn’t do any gigs from March 2020 until doing the odd socially distanced one earlier this month. And by the looks of it, clubs might be taking notice too.

Nearly all of his bookings for the next two months are for festivals. Outside. At the mercy of good old British weather. Last week, the weather across the UK was gorgeous. This week? Not so much. But what’s going to happen once autumn comes along and then gives way to winter? The idea of dancing outside in the cold December weather does not appeal one single bit.

There’s also the vaccine passports angle on this. I’ve posted before about these – I’m uneasy with the idea and I’ll be writing in more detail about this later. But let’s say that they are brought in across England – and from late September, proof of vaccine is going to be needed. Rampling will either have to get vaccinated or possibly never work in another legal venue in England again.

And as I said last week, England is the most gung-ho when it comes to lifting Covid restrictions. So that makes it more likely Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be receptive too. If that happened, Rampling could never work in another British nightclub again. He’d either have to go and do something else with his life or pursue illegal raves instead.

The other option – at least from his perspective – is even worse. Get the two jabs necessary to continue working in the clubs. But that would come at the price of never being taken seriously again. His word would, quite literally, mean nothing. It would show the world he was all about money and no principles.

You’d better hope this doesn’t come to fruition, Danny. If it does, your future consists of playing at illegal raves in the middle of nowhere on freezing cold December nights – a torrent of water running down your nose and the need to make sure police don’t confiscate your towel. You might not catch Covid, but you’ll definitely catch pneumonia…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

8 thought on “Could Danny Rampling’s stance on Covid and vaccines be costing him money? Almost all the gigs in his diary are for outdoor festivals – and summer finishes in a few weeks!”
  1. I agree with always open source, Amateur at play have you heard about the yellow card system? over 110,000 adverse reactions from the jab in the UK!
    The Jab is not even a Vaccine! it actually makes people sicker!
    Also a court in Canada admitted that they couldn’t prove Sars COV 2 had been isolated! This is the same with Public health England go and see the information requests!
    SARS COV was man made and also patented in 2007
    So you tell me! if they knew about SARS COV 2 back in 2000, why have they lied and said its a new thing??
    If i deicide i don’t want to take the vaccines that’s my choice! if you want to take the vaccine that’s your choice! however why should anyone have to loose their job and work??

    1. I never said anyone had to lose their job. I’m simply pointing out his views on this issue might be costing him bookings. It’s not up to me to tell others who to book for their shows.

  2. Well calling for someone to be banned or “cancelled” (Ian) and stopped from earning a living for standing up for his and our rights doesn’t seem very “nice” wouldn’t you say?
    As for a “cult” well… look around… the cult is the brainwashed masses calling for mandatory vaccinations and cancelling people for their views. Perhaps Ian is the leader?

  3. Oh your scared of some debate are you? Want to censor your comments and only show what YOU like to see?
    You will rot in hell you death peddling cretin.
    I’ll be sure to share your views.. get ready…

  4. Educate yourselves you morons. Open your eyes and stop being brainwashed by the MSM. It is YOU who are misinformed. READ!!! INVESTIGATE!!!.
    I think you may find out you’ve been lied to.
    I salute you Danny Rampling and all those brave enough to speak out against this tyranny and condemn you Ian Moye and whomever the idiot author of this stupid article is as cowards and uninformed idiots.

  5. I’m with you on this one, he is spreading a lot of misinformation which has the potential to cause serious health implications. He talks utter rubbish, he is a total hypocrite, like for example his past drug intake (ive witnessed many times). Yet he bangs on about wellbeing and natural remedies, yet he is coming across as trying to gain support of weird fucked up cult. Is he after a new direction/new followers. He has lost me respect, like many others by what ive seen on his FB page. He should be banned playing he is totally unethical and has no morals.

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