Danny Rampling appears to have made it his mission in life to convince everyone he’s a complete dingbat. Literally any conspiracy theory is good enough to hang onto at the moment, and fortunately for him, the times we’re living in means he has no end to choose from.

He’s previously spoken about Kate Shemirani as “a woman of great courage” on the same day she called for doctors administering the Covid vaccine to be put on Nuremberg style trials. Then again, it’s amazing what you’ll be prepared to do when you’ve been down the rabbit hole for as long as Rampling has.

And now that most lockdown restrictions in his native England have ended and he can get back to work as an okay-ish DJ, he’s found himself increasingly tagging onto other, more traditional conspiracy theories. Such as this one whom he shared on his Instagram stories the other day…

I know that gathering evidence isn’t the strongest point for your average conspiracy theorist, but if governments all over the world were indeed run by “elite paedophiles”, surely it wouldn’t be difficult to find proof of what evil deeds at least some of them were up to. It’s therefore curious that Rampling, nor any of his dingbat friends, have ever named one and provided evidence to back up their claims.

And as for all money being fake? Funnily enough, real money has to be handed over to subscribe to his Mixcloud Select channel. Real money was something insisted upon when he was flogging “eco-homes” for at least £375,000 each. And would you believe it? The money he gets paid for his gigs is real too.

If anyone out there fancies offering him a booking with no fee, reminding him he believes money is fake, do feel free to tell me how he responds…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.