On goes my mission to point out the many ways which okay-ish DJ and full-on conspiracy theory basket case Danny Rampling is making a monumental fool of himself. Over the past week, one person he’s mentioned a few times on his social media is Kate Shemirani. Indeed, in an Instagram post on Thursday, he referred to her as a “woman of great courage” and a “spiritual warrior of the light”.

But who is she? Well, she used to be a nurse until last year – and was removed from the register of the Nursing and Midwifery Council in May, effectively barring her from the profession for a minimum of five years. Why? Because she was using her position to tell people her view that the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t exist, whilst also referring to her own employer the NHS as “the new Auschwitz”. Now who’d have thought they’d have an issue with that, eh?

And if you dare question her utterly moronic views of the world? Apparently, you’re “lying, misinformed or jealous”. Special vitrol is dished out for nurses still in the profession, whom she regards as “overweight and envious” of her “decent looks”.

Indeed, the one person whom she refused to criticise in personal terms when they took issue with her views was her own son.  When Sebastian, who’s in his early 20s and studies philosophy and politics at university, spoke to the BBC about his mother, she replied with “it would appear a conspiracy theorist is now actually anyone who believes something other than wha your controllers want them to believe”.

You really will get into bed with anyone if they’re on the same side as you, won’t you, Danny?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.