Back on July 14th, this blog posed a question – when Save Our Scene UK did a poll about doing a “Freedom To Dance” event in Scotland, as they called it, were they being serious? After all, the organisation had never previously made a reference to any Scottish matters through their social or their website.

Well, you won’t be the least bit surprised to discover that they’ve said absolutely nothing about Scotland since. Indeed, once English nightclubs finally got the go-ahead to reopen in July, Save Our Scene hasn’t really had much to say. They seem to have moved now to orchestrating a campaign to get their followers to lobby MPs against requiring people attending nightclubs to be double jabbed against Covid-19.

As a source who has previous worked with Save Our Scene UK said to me recently, “the organisation never had much of a purpose when it was set up and continues hurtling towards irrelevance now”…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.