These are strange times we’re living in. For example, Paris Brightledge’s prophetic lyrics about “dictation being enforced in Afghanistan” appear to be once again coming true. The world is trying to come out of a pandemic which has killed roughly four and a half million people. And now this.

Judge Jules has been around for a while now and seen a lot of things. But I honestly suspect not even he thought the day would come when he was going to appear on the same lineup as one of Britain’s most famous children’s entertainers.

And here’s the proof…

Yes, the man himself is going to appear on the same stage as Justin Fletcher. Now, I live with three children aged five and under – so I know Justin Fletcher’s name pretty well. Both of my older kids have gone through periods of being enamoured with his character Mr Tumble, and I’m pretty confident my youngest will too.

Tickets for the Saturday are long gone, suggesting Judge Jules and Mr Tumble might want to appear on more lineups with each other. Perhaps Judge Jules could do a guest mix for Tumble FM? Just saying…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.