On a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (except for you, Scotland) when the festivals and such are all having one last event before summer effectively bows out for another year, there isn’t exactly much news to report.

Whenever things like this happen, I look at some of the subjects I’ve written about in the past – and this strategy always works. It never fails to deliver something interesting to write about. Or in this case, something that’s going to make you want to curl every single one of your toes…

As you may already know from this blog, DJ Sneak recently joined the Monad platform and now holds all his events there. Indeed, you can even subscribe to support Sneak’s livestreams – $20 a month if you want him to stick you in his “angel” category, whatever that means.

And to be fair, if you’re looking for livestreams of DJ sets, you could do a lot worse. Sneak turns up every week without fail, sometimes a few times a week – and as much as I make fun of him here on Amateur’s House, I don’t deny his talent on the decks. But occasionally, you have to wonder exactly what Sneak is smoking, frankly.

At the end of April, I published a post where he talked about being the “big boss” and that “his 12 inches were ready for a party”. Nice. Well, the self-proclaimed House Gangster has excelled himself once again. Because on September 12th, he’s running an event called “For The Ladies” with the sub-headline “Deep sexy house music”. Nothing wrong with that – until you get to the description underneath.

Sneak describes it “The best of the sexiest house music carefully curated by DJ Sneak for the most erotic outcome”.

Does anyone have any mind bleach handy?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.