Which dance music journalist – yes, you read that correctly – is currently stuck in a quandary caused by being too close to their subject? The journalist in question was recently sent an email providing them with a tip off about a scandal involving a DJ. They followed this up and discovered the allegations being made were true.

There’s just one problem. The journalist is a close friend of the DJ. And since the DJ found out the press are starting to become aware of the scandal, they have been applying various forms of pressure on the journalist to keep quiet.

These have resorted from promises of money for not running the story – I believe that’s called taking a bribe – to the DJ saying “I’ll play the race card to get out of this”. Now that they haven’t worked, threats have been made to bring the journalist crashing down by bringing some “improprieties” committed earlier in their career to the world’s attention.

If the allegations about the journalist are true, they’ll probably never work for another serious outlet again…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.