Over the weekend, music producer Posthuman disclosed that he’d been contacted by a radio station called Freedom Radio and asked if he’d like to do a guest mix for them. After quickly discovering they were rabid anti-vaxxers, he declined in his, ahem, customary manner.

But who are Freedom Radio? Sadly, it isn’t like the 1941 film of the same name, about a resistance group which risk their lives in order to set up a radio station broadcasting things which the regime of Nazï Germany wouldn’t approve. Although they possess a level of secrecy that wouldn’t be out of place in such a movie.

Next to nothing is known about them, other than they have a Twitter page, a website, a dedicated app for listening and they bang on a lot about “freedom fighters” and other such variations of this incredibly loaded phrase. Their website does not name a single presenter, and even searching the website on ICANN brings up no details about who’s behind the site.

But one look at their website and it’s very clear who they represent. Covid-denying morons who seem to think the virus doesn’t exist and the vaccine is an exercise in mass genocide. No other type of “freedom” is referenced on their website – nothing about protests on any other type of subject, and goodness knows they’d be ripe for picking in these mad times.

The station does, however, hold a very high opinion of itself. On the Vacancies page, they say they’re looking for someone to present the weekday afternoon show. Applicants “will be expected to involve your audience by attending Freedom movements locally such as ‘stand in the park’, protests and events”.

They also state, rather bizarrely, that “Previous experience presenting in commercial or student radio on commercial broadcasting equipment is essential since this is the ideal show if you are looking to move your presenting career to the next level”.

Given that Freedom Radio appears to have no profile outside of Twitter or its own website, I’m not sure how broadcasting on a station no one’s ever heard of to an audience of moonbeams and crackpots is somehow going to help anyone at anything. But most amusing of all was this tweet…

Which basically reduces the station’s output to mostly Right Said Fred and Danny Rampling’s three or four original tracks. Sounds just riveting…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.