As I said a few weeks ago, I’m very proud of what’s being created on this blog. I’m also particularly impressed with the fact that a one-man operation is basically able to outdo the dance music press – it just shows you in what a dire, moribund state the rest of them are.

I managed it a few weeks ago by reporting on Scotland’s reopening of nightclubs an entire week before Resident Advisor, under the truly disappointing editorial stewardship of Whitney Wei. And I’ve managed it again by reporting on Eric Prydz’s comments on the genre of techno on September 9th – a full ten days before Mixmag.

I have absolutely no idea why it’s taken them so long to write something about this, given some of the dross they’ve published lately – an article about Nile Rodgers falling in love with a Scouse canal made it onto the website last week.

Still, it’s not all bad – I note at the end of the article it states it was written by “Mixmag’s Weekend Editor”. I was surprised to discover this position has existed since at least January 2020, given the fact new content almost never appears on Mixmag’s site during the weekend. A great irony considering dance music culture is most alive on Friday and Saturday nights…

And judging by their Eric Prydz article – which offers nothing new at all to the debate – it looks like I can continue sleeping easily at night. Especially on the weekends…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.