Er, do you want to tell them or shall I? Danny Rampling is off on a “Medical Freedom March” in London this weekend against vaccine passports – after the government announces they’re not going ahead for England…

Say what you like about Danny Rampling – and this is an excercise this blog partakes in frequently – but he’s consistent. That is, mostly consistent about being behind the times. On July 19th, the day that England scrapped nearly all its remaining Covid restrictions, what did he do?

Er, he attended an anti-lockdown protest in London to demand lockdown restrictions were lifted. These people would be dangerous if they could think, wouldn’t they?

And now Rampling is doing it again. This coming Saturday, he’s going to yet another protest in his destination of choice, London…

This one is called the “Medical Freedom March” – a highly dubious name which suggests they’re campaigning to be given freedom from all the advances that medical science have given us over the years. If Rampling is ever unlucky enough to actually catch Covid, one can only assume he’d like a prescription of leeches to help…

Anyway. the protest is to say they don’t want kids vaccinated, no mandatory vaccines and no vaccine passports. It might be worth pointing out to the organisers of the protest that vaccine passports for England were ditched a few weeks ago – and whilst the government proclaims it’s keeping them “in reserve”, they’re unlikely to want to risk upsetting their own party that much for a second time.

Incidentally, vaccine passports are actually going ahead in Scotland from the end of next week and Wales from October 11th. But I’m absolutely confident that Rampling won’t be seen anywhere near any protest in Glasgow or Cardiff. Too far to travel in his old age, presumably…

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