Last year, Resident Advisor ended up in deep trouble. Infact, had they not received their £750k bailout from Arts Council England last year, chances are the company would no longer exist. And that would, of course, be a terrible thing – said admittedly not very many people.

Now, one of the things Resident Advisor frequently tell us is that they represent dance music culture. Dance music culture now covers such a broad range of people and subjects that this aim is – and there’s no easy way to put this – fundamentally impossible for one website to achieve. Yet this doesn’t stop them from trying.

It’s also the reason why current editor-in-chief Whitney Wei got the job. She was brought into Resident Advisor because, according to co-founder Paul Clement, “she will bring a fresh approach as we continue to evolve”. Taken with her own words about “inclusive storytelling”, I take this to mean Resident Advisor wants to start covering things they don’t normally cover.

Now, this blog has no problem with anyone covering stories which aren’t being covered elsewhere. Indeed, it’s partly why I set up Amateur’s House. The trouble with that is in order to do it properly, you need one of two things. You either need journalists who know their subject inside out, or you need journalists who know people who will have the information.

Otherwise, you end up publishing rubbish such as this. From the very beginning of the article, you get the feeling you’re about to read a parody. For example, for “partygoers are reviving radical folkloric aesthetics to cope with an increasingly precarious world”, read as “ravers are putting on Medieval themed fancy dress”.

Having read the article, I assure you it gets no better. And yet again, I find myself asking – what DO the editors at Resident Advisor do with themselves all day? I’d be embarrassed at the thought of even publishing such unreadable drivel on my blog, let alone a major dance music website…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.