The anti-vaxxers and Covid-denying dingbats would have you believe that right is on their side. They say this because they believe it – and they believe it because they say it very loudly and very often. And they rarely allow themselves to be bothered by things such as “facts” and “the truth” – anyone stating “facts” is being paid by Bill Gates or whichever figure they hate this week.

Which brings me nicely to Danny Rampling. Fresh from a state of consternation over his 17-year old son announcing he would be having the Covid jab, here’s something which is likely to have the okay-ish DJ spluttering his milk and cornflakes all over the kitchen table on this fine Wednesday morning.

MusicWatch have done a survey of people who like going to gigs and asked them questions to find out what their stance is on Covid rules and regulations. And Mr Rampling will not be a happy bunny when he reads this! 70% of respondents confirm they’re already double jabbed. 67% of them support the use of masks at gigs.

And in a statistic which is likely to give any anti-vaxxer a rubbish start to the day – only 6% of those polled said they would refuse to enter a venue with safety rules in place. This included mandatory wearing of masks or proof of a negative test or double jab status. Even in people who were unvaccinated, the number only went up to 30%.

Yep, they still couldn’t muster a majority in this category…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.