Two years ago, a series of stories started coming out about Sterling Void. You see, it turned out that he’d done a number of things over years that weren’t to be proud of. Apparently forging the signature of Cleveland P Jones, pretending to have a release signed to Defected, scamming people for $24 a time and claiming his mother had died for the second time are among the charges.

The dance music press were contacted to ask if they were interested. None bothered to reply, an episode which taught me a great deal about how they operate. This failure to actually do their job means a large number of people still don’t know who Sterling Void really is.

So it was of little surprise when I found out he recently released a new single. The song, called “Over You”, came out on DJ International. Which inevitably begs the question – did he actually produce this himself? The answer is inadvertently revealed by singer Suki Soul – who is credited here as Sara for reasons unknown.

She discloses on Instagram that “it turns out this was a mix produced by Mickey Deron, based on the classic driving piano riffs of Sterling’s 1991 hit ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’.”. Based on what I know about how Void works, partially from conversations with the man himself, that means “Void called me and sent something someone else made whilst pretending it’s his”.

Heaven only knows what Benji Espinoza, the co-founder of DJ International Records who died last year, would make of it all…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.