I was going through my blog archive recently and I discovered that one story from the Sterling Void archive was missing. Fraudulent signatures, forthcoming book releases that never happen, scamming producers for the curious sum of $24 a time – but weirdly, this one never got written.

So here goes. It’s recommended that you read this post whilst sober. Even by the standards of Sterling Void, this is confusing. I’ll try to keep it simple.

I’ve been able to establish that Sterling Void thinks his mother has died at least three times. Her real death was in October 2019, but she was declared dead at least twice previously on Void’s social media pages. And this gets even more bizarre.

On the occasion of her second tragic “death”, Void decided that afternoon – certainly not in the mourning – to organise a fundraiser. He said he needed some money to help pay for her funeral. Heaven forbid that Void should urn some money himself, eh?

Eyebrows were raised, however, by anyone who checked how much money he was looking to raise – especially given that the average funeral in Chicago costs roughly $3000.

His target was $152. Was something up? It’s a bit of a dead giveaway…

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