Sterling Void has a new single out called “Over You” – but why is no one mentioning it’s the “I Don’t Wanna Go” piano with new drums and vocals on top?

Two years ago, a series of stories started coming out about Sterling Void. You see, it turned out that he’d done a number of things over years that weren’t to be proud of. Apparently forging the signature of Cleveland P Jones, pretending to have a release signed to Defected, scamming people for $24 a time and claiming his mother had died for the second time are among the charges.

The dance music press were contacted to ask if they were interested. None bothered to reply, an episode which taught me a great deal about how they operate. This failure to actually do their job means a large number of people still don’t know who Sterling Void really is.

So it was of little surprise when I found out he recently released a new single. The song, called “Over You”, came out on DJ International. Which inevitably begs the question – did he actually produce this himself? The answer is inadvertently revealed by singer Suki Soul – who is credited here as Sara for reasons unknown.

She discloses on Instagram that “it turns out this was a mix produced by Mickey Deron, based on the classic driving piano riffs of Sterling’s 1991 hit ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’.”. Based on what I know about how Void works, partially from conversations with the man himself, that means “Void called me and sent something someone else made whilst pretending it’s his”.

Heaven only knows what Benji Espinoza, the co-founder of DJ International Records who died last year, would make of it all…

Did you travel back in time to get the money, Duane? Sterling Void tells followers it’s been a “great day” alongside a picture of a bag full of money – which first appeared online in 2009…

Sterling Void is a man known for telling stories which later turn out to be nonsense. I should know – he once asked me to remix a song which he told me was coming out on Defected. He once claimed to be working on a book called “The Void Inside Of Me” – it has never been released.

Or there was the particularly bizarre tale, even by Void’s standards, of how his mother died for the second time and he tried to raise the miserly sum of $152 to pay for her funeral. Yes, Sterling Void – real name Duane Pelt – has a habit of making statements of highly questionable accuracy.

And this is something which hasn’t changed over the years. Infact, he was at it again this week. On Thursday, he posted a photo of a bag of money with the caption “Great day today”. Seeing the low resolution of this photo made me suspicious – so I did a reverse image search.

And look at what I found…

According to TinEye, the photo Void published first appeared online on November 8th, 2009. So either Void has developed a time travel machine and been to pick up bags of money from at least 12 years ago – or he’s once again reciting what I’d politely call terminological inexactitudes…

The song’s called Walking In Memphis, Duane! What WAS Sterling Void doing down in Tennessee last week – and did the trip go up in a puff of smoke?

All the way back in 1991, American singer-songwriter Marc Cohn released a song called “Walking In Memphis”. At the time, the success of the song was moderate. For example, the song never got higher than number 22 in the UK charts – the song did best in Canada and the Republic of Ireland, where it reached number 3 and number 7 respectively. Cher covered the song later in the decade, probably making it better known.

I have, of course, no idea whether Sterling Void has heard this song. What I do know is that having brought Sterling Covid’s first wave down after 32 years, his second wave is now underway.

Which brings me to the question of what exactly he was doing in Memphis last week. No one seems to know for sure. His rambling Facebook Live videos shed little insight on whether he was there for work or if it was just a holiday.

However, I did notice this in one video – notice the interesting looking green substance on the table?

Someone commenting on the original video most certainly did – saying “I seen that weed on the table”. Sterling’s response? He simply said it’s “not mine”. Quite whose it was remains a mystery.

Walking In Memphis? In Duane’s case, more like smoking in it…

Sterling Void celebrates his birthday by raising money for a children’s hospital – but with his big day being 2 weeks away and a piddly £146 target, is Duane up to his old tricks again?

Regular readers might recall the particularly bizarre story of how Sterling Void wanted to raise $152 to pay for his mother’s funeral – after she suffered the terrible misfortune of dying for the second time. Even by the surreal standards of Void, this was truly weird.

Now it appears that Void has decided to start a new fundraiser. His mother – who actually died in October 2019 – isn’t involved with this one. No, it’s for the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis – a hospital some 535 miles away from Void’s home city of Chicago.

Here’s a section of the post on his Facebook page. It is clearly written, all the words are spelled correctly and it’s coherent. So you can be absolutely confident he did not write even one syllable of it himself.

His target? £146. That’s roughly $200. And how’s the fundraiser going?

Oh dear.

Sterling Void has refused to comment.

Is everything not alright with your book, Duane? Sterling Void still hasn’t released tell-all tome, titled The Void Inside Of Me, that he promised his fans back in 2017

The depressing second wave of Sterling Covid continues, with the first only having been brought down in the year 2019. And unlike the coronavirus that currently blights much of the world, the Sterling Covid virus does not have a vaccine.

Back in 2017, Void promised us that a book was on the way. He told his thousands of followers on Facebook that there was “a lot of hard work” involved in “writing my book, but you will enjoy it”. Earlier this year, he disclosed that the book would “soon be release”.

Well, with grammar like that, let’s hope that the (un)lucky publisher has a proofreader on the payroll, eh? But where is the book? A quick search on Google reveals no answers. No cover, no preorder link, no publisher blurbs – not a peep.

So in the absence of any information at all, I tried reaching out to Mr Void himself – and didn’t have much luck. His email address returned a message saying the “inbox is full” and he seems to have blocked my Facebook account.

Oh well. Perhaps this literary revolution will soon be available after all. My offer of $24 for the right to publish extracts from the book still stands…

Would you bereave it? Dead centre on his social media, Sterling Void’s dodgy fundraiser after his mum died – for the SECOND time!

I was going through my blog archive recently and I discovered that one story from the Sterling Void archive was missing. Fraudulent signatures, forthcoming book releases that never happen, scamming producers for the curious sum of $24 a time – but weirdly, this one never got written.

So here goes. It’s recommended that you read this post whilst sober. Even by the standards of Sterling Void, this is confusing. I’ll try to keep it simple.

I’ve been able to establish that Sterling Void thinks his mother has died at least three times. Her real death was in October 2019, but she was declared dead at least twice previously on Void’s social media pages. And this gets even more bizarre.

On the occasion of her second tragic “death”, Void decided that afternoon – certainly not in the mourning – to organise a fundraiser. He said he needed some money to help pay for her funeral. Heaven forbid that Void should urn some money himself, eh?

Eyebrows were raised, however, by anyone who checked how much money he was looking to raise – especially given that the average funeral in Chicago costs roughly $3000.

His target was $152. Was something up? It’s a bit of a dead giveaway…

Crack & Rock Solicitors haven’t been in touch yet, Duane! Why Sterling Void doesn’t like this blog – and is not the only one…

All the way back in October last year, Duane Pelt – better known to most as Sterling Void – sent me what constituted in his mind as a legal threat. Since June 2019, I’d started writing about all the nefarious activities he’d been up to.

I wrote about how he’d fraudulently put Cleveland P Jones’s signature on a contract. I wrote about the $24 Uber scam which he pulled on newer producers. I wrote about how he lied about having a release out on Defected Records – twice! And I still haven’t blogged about what he did after his mother’s second death…

But what remained a mystery to me for some time was whether Sterling Covid, whose depressing second wave remains ongoing, was reading any of it. I was confident he was – I get the feeling that Void would get some kind of weird buzz off it – but had no concrete evidence to prove it.

Then one day, a message appeared from him in my inbox. He simply said “coming at you for slander beware”. He followed up this in the standard way that legal threats are made in his world – namely by adding “lol” at the end.

And I know he’s not the only one reading. I know for a fact Derrick May has visited at least once, and it especially delights me that he doesn’t like what he read. I wonder who else is out there?

You might as well come clean now. I’ll find out eventually anyway…

The question everyone’s asking as Sterling Void puts out a brand new remix for D Records – who REALLY made it?

Were you starting to think that I’d forgotten to keep an eye on Sterling Void? Not a bit of it. Sterling Covid, as I call him around here, is sadly on his second wave after it took 32 years to bring the first one crashing down.

An anonymous friend sent me this the other day. It’s a song out on Bandcamp, the very fashionable place for putting music out these days. It’s called “We Got Da Bass” by Santonio Echols and Mike Anderson. Decent enough tune too, as it happens.

Well, Sterling Void has apparently done a remix of it. This heavy tomb weighs in at a little over ten minutes long – which given everything I’ve written in the past, is ten minutes more than Void has ever spent making music.

So, the question has to be asked – who actually produced this? It’s a nice enough record, with its fun percussion and nice chord progression on the piano. This renders the possibility that a man who couldn’t tell the difference between a keyboard and a kettle made it.

Unless, of course, he did? I know that Mr Duane Pelt reads this blog. He once threatened to sue me for slander, an action which he dismally failed to follow through with.

So, here’s a direct message for you, Duane. Prove me wrong. Prove that you did make this. Send me a video showing me the project files, showing what VSTs and synths you used in the project and explanations for particular decisions you made with the remix.

I’ll publish it on the blog, entirely unedited and without comment from me. I’m even prepared to forego having a dig at you in the headline. Can’t say fairer than that!