Sterling Fraud

Sterling Void celebrates his birthday by raising money for a children’s hospital – but with his big day being 2 weeks away and a piddly £146 target, is Duane up to his old tricks again?

Regular readers might recall the particularly bizarre story of how Sterling Void wanted to raise $152 to pay for his mother's funeral - after she suffered the terrible misfortune of dying for the second time. Even by the surreal standards of Void, this was truly weird. Now it appears that…

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Is everything not alright with your book, Duane? Sterling Void still hasn’t released tell-all tome, titled The Void Inside Of Me, that he promised his fans back in 2017

The depressing second wave of Sterling Covid continues, with the first only having been brought down in the year 2019. And unlike the coronavirus that currently blights much of the world, the Sterling Covid virus does not have a vaccine. Back in 2017, Void promised us that a book was…

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