These days, it seems to be law in dance music that if you’re an artist who had a few hits in the 90s, you basically must offer up your old tracks for remixes by usually inferior newer producers wanting to make a name for themselves. And if you’re like Fatboy Slim, having had loads of hits, this is doubly so.

Cannibalising your own archive instead of creating something new seems to be the way these days. Dance music has always had form for this, but it’s worse than ever these days – and even those who speak out about it are prone to accusations of hypocrisy.

So when I noticed that Fatboy Slim will soon be releasing an album called “Everybody Loves A Remix” – named after his 1997 song “Everybody Loves A Carnival” – came as no surprise. As for who’s on it, the only name released so far is Todd Edwards – who’s remixed “Rockafeller Skank”.

Heaven forbid that Mr Slim create something new rather than yet another attempt to milk the cow dry…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.