This blog absolutely loves it when someone finally comes along and decides to call something out for the nonsense it really is. And when you’re being called out by Judge Jules on social media – who is, by the many accounts I’ve had, one of the more polite and professional DJs in a scene full of egotistical types – you know you’ve really messed up.

This weekend, people who have had tickets booked for his shows in the north of England have found themselves having to redirect their satnavs to other venues, as both his Friday and Saturday shows were cancelled. After the Friday show was pulled, I got the impression something more was up – but Jules remained tight-lipped on details whilst also announcing a free party nearby.

But yesterday morning – after the second gig was called off and a number of people started getting emails saying a few other gigs were also off – Jules wasn’t in such a kind mood. And when a calling out starts with the “Where do I start with this?”, blisters are imminent.

On his Facebook – which he recently acquired back from hackers, by the way – and Instagram pages, he said “In over 30 years in the music industry, I can honestly say that I have never had the displeasure of dealing with so many negative issues and problems caused by the inept inability to organise and promote events as I have encountered this weekend with one promoter.”

He continued, saying “This weekend, promoting both of my live band shows, I have encountered an individual who is the worst example of such a “don’t care” attitude. I am extremely sorry to say that the Live Band show tonight in Stockton is cancelled.”

After announcing a second free party, Jules finished with one final parting shot, saying “As well as attending the DJ set, you can get a refund on your ticket for the live show. Please tell them you want a refund not a credit note and quote 7.3 of their Ts & Cs. Rest assured we will be coming back to do more Live Band shows in the near future, but with tour promoters who care and know what they are doing.”.

Ouch. Full credit goes to Judge Jules and his team for managing to stage two free parties in two days at incredibly short notice. As for the promoter in question? Jules doesn’t name him. And whilst Amateur’s House is familiar with their identity, I’ve decided not to publish it for now. I emailed them to give them a chance to comment on the claims.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, they haven’t replied to my emails at the time of publishing…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.