The world of Sacha Lord is a curious one. It’s a world where he thinks people should stay hydrated on a night out, yet he charges them £2.50 a time for water. It’s a world where doctors should be ordered to apologise for their predictions over Covid. And it’s a world where he condemns plague raves yet rewards DJs who played them during the pandemic.

So when someone turned up at the doors of Manchester’s Warehouse Project, which Lord owns, with a so-called lifetime pass, it caused much scratching of heads at the venue. The black card states “This pass grants the holder lifetime access to Warehouse Project events and Parklife” – which is Lord’s big festival that takes place each year.

There was just one problem. No one working at the door had seen one of these cards before. Much like the Nando’s High Five black cards, no one knew for many years whether they even existed. Lifetime passes to Warehouse Project, on the other hand, do exist – they gave two away in a competition last year.

Lord’s tweet does not elaborate on whether he actually got into the venue, except to describe the attempt as “impressive”. And he confirms in another tweet that he contacted the person in question later to give them lifetime access for real.

Here’s hoping his staff can correctly identify the genuine passes. Otherwise, it’s going to be the equivalent of using a rake to get rid of water…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.