I think Derrick May is trying to troll this blog. Having tried to maintain a masquerade online over the past few months by limiting comments on Instagram and deleting anything which remotely mentioned the allegations against him, he’s now taken to making coded references.

Why do I say this? I’ve written quite extensively about Sofia Tsagaraki, Derrick May’s girlfriend (or is it still ex? No one’s too sure) from Greece. She’s a thoroughly unpleasant woman, having dismissed the people who made sick allegations against May as somehow being motivated by money or the need for the attention.

The two got back in touch recently after a less than acrimonious split a few months ago. Rumours persist a physical reunion took place between them on his recent trip to Europe – sources in Detroit who know him say he’s staying very tight-lipped on the subject.

Well, it appears May has acknowledged online talk about him, whilst not revealing any new information, on none other than Instagram stories…

It does, however, confirm that Tsagaraki and May are back in contact – because he shared her own story. One source in Detroit mischievously jokes he’s thinking of setting up a sweepstake so friends can bet on how long it’ll last this time.

Or at least I think he was joking…

In other Derrick May related news today, I’ve discovered – via the indefatigable Michael James – that DJ Mag editor Carl Loben has been flogging tickets to an interview with Juan Atkins in Germany yesterday. The process no doubt involved the usual – let Atkinz wax lyrical about the Belleville Three myth yet again and give him space to boast about how much of a genius he allegedly is.

And whilst this was going on, Loben will do the same as every other dance music publication editor. Namely adopt a venerative, craven tone and not dare ask any awkward questions – like his long-running problems with drugs, or the fact Rik Davis contributed far more to techno than he ever will.

But more than anything, you can be absolutely Atkins would not have been asked for his thoughts on the allegations against Derrick May. A nice easy earner for Mr Loben indeed – and proof that as far as the dance music press is concerned, where there’s muck, there’s brass

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.