Quite what women find so alluring about Derrick May is quite the mystery to me. Perhaps it’s his penchant for going out with broken glasses? Maybe it’s the fact he has lots of money – mostly because he prefers others to spend their money instead? Or could it possibly be the attraction of being seen with a 58-year old balding DJ which they love?

Answers in an email, please. One woman who might be able to tell us is Sofia Tsagaraki, his ex-girlfriend from Greece.  And yes, she’s the one who accused alleged victims of Derrick May as “seeking fame” or “not getting the attention they wanted” – which tells you in itself that Tsagaraki isn’t a terribly nice person.

Their relationship ended on apparently bad terms at the end of July. He ghosted her on social media and offered no explanation as to his apparent loss of interest. Yet it appears there has been a reunion of kinds. Because when Derrick May posted this on Instagram last Monday…


…guess who appeared in the comments section?

Step forward none other than Sofia Tsagaraki. And May liked the comment. As for rumours, first reported last week, that an in-person reunion was a possibility, no word yet as to whether it actually happened.

Whichever poor woman in Detroit he currently calls his lady friend might not appreciate the surprise.

Oh, and on a lighter note, what is going on in this photo, Derrick?


You look like you’re on the run…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.