Taking pictures in nightclubs has always been a subject which stirs up strong feelings. Many people seem to think what happens inside a club is sacrosanct, and that no visual reminders of the event being experienced should be created. It’s not a view I agree with.

But let’s look at this from another angle. Occasionally, nightclubs might book a photographer to come in and take professional pictures. These can be for promotional purposes such as social media or for advertising the venue. And this is an act which requires careful thought from both the venue and photographer.

Which brings me to the subject at hand. Back on October 15th, Derrick May was booked to appear at Weetamix in Geneva. Not surprisingly, this caused controversy. And pictures were taken on the evening by Dom Smaz of Smaz Photo – who’s clearly an incredible photographer.

I commented on one particular photo of May as an aside to this post. But one Instagram user took it upon himself to make Smaz Photo aware of Derrick May’s history – and here was the response…

Ouch. If Weetamix – or any other clubs in Geneva, for that matter – decide to book Derrick May again, the venue will probably have to find a different photographer…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.