Which music publication’s editor has recently come under fire because of a perceived lack of commitment to the job? The person in question has been in their position for a while now and all was going well at first – but their performance has gone downhill over the past few months.

Staff at the publication say the editor is turning up at random hours in the office and frequently appears to be hungover. They also often forget the names of staff whom they work with, some for quite a few years – and have started shouting at staff members who haven’t done something they almost invariably weren’t asked to do.

No one’s certain exactly what has happened. The editor in question was previously known for a sense of diligence and took extreme pride in their publication’s output. Their downfall is worrying an increasing number of people at the publication – and is likely to end up with the editor’s sacking if things don’t change soon…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.