Isn’t it lucky you just found a new subject to get worked up about? A pill for treating Covid has just been approved by the British authorities – even if Danny Rampling is doing his best to ignore it…

Earlier this week, I brought you the story that Danny Rampling has found something new to make him angry. Yes, he’s been foaming at the mouth over a trial of universal basic income which is due to start in Wales shortly. It’s part of a “digital control agenda”, apparently.

Well, it appears that there’s been a new development on the coronavirus front. The UK authorities have just become the first in the world to approve Molnupiravir. It’s a tablet which has to be taken twice a day by people unlucky enough to catch Covid-19. Yet the anti-vaxxers appear to have completely missed the potential significance of this medicine.

If this becomes the new way of treating Covid, it means vaccines are no longer the only way out of the pandemic. Therefore, arguments for vaccine passports – which were dodgy enough in the first place – become irrelevant. It means Covid can be treated in a similar way you’d treat any other chest infection.

Which would all mean Covid being far less of a problem than it is at present. But of course, the anti-vaxxers out there are too thick to see this. Over the past 18 months, they’ve collectively headed so far down the rabbit hole that they can no longer see the woods from the trees. So it’s no surprise that Rampling hasn’t mentioned the new pill, is it?

Expect them to start pushing out nonsense about the pills putting 5G in your brains to start any time now…

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