Which DJ and occasional producer has been telling his friend for the past few months that he’s going to sue Resident Advisor, yet has mysterious failed to do so? The story goes back a number of months when they published an article which wasn’t entirely flattering about him.

Such was the furore he generated in his own head over the article that he spent months telling anyone who’d listen how outraged he was. Several sources have also confirmed he kept describing the articles as “disrespectful” and “slanderous”. The fact slander applies to the spoken word and libel to the written is something his solicitor presumably forgot to tell him.

Anyway, he’s been ranting about how he was going to sue Resident Advisor over what they wrote – but there’s just one problem. He hasn’t. A source at Resident Advisor confirmed to me that as of this morning, no legal correspondence of any kind has been received over the matter. Infact, no complaints at all have even been registered on the article.

Whenever the question of when he’s going to instigate the legal action arise, friends report his temperament becomes, to use their words, “a little prickly”…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.