I recently wrote that one problem with booking Derrick May now to play at your club was the fact you couldn’t promote the appearance. Because the moment you decided to do so, all hell would break loose – and your social media accounts and emails would be besieged by people demanding he was taken off the lineup.

And it’s an issue that May increasingly appears to be aware of himself. Because his latest gig wasn’t even promoted with his name attached. A source in Detroit explains his warped state of mind, saying “Derrick knows his name is dirt in a lot of places right now, and accepts they can’t use his name much, but he’s certain it won’t be like this forever. He’s completely deluded”.

On Friday night, he appeared in San Francisco as part of the Hacienda Music Festival – which is nothing to do with the UK’s Haçienda, before anyone asks – and played from midnight until closing time. But no one knew he would be playing until he appeared in the booth – his name was not mentioned at all on promotional material.


The only reference to him on their social media was a vague reference to “a huge Detroit legend who you won’t want to miss”. In which case, I can only assume the likes of Jeff Mills, who possesses more talent in his thumb than May does in his entire body, was unavailable.

As I was writing this one up, a friend got in touch and asked me whether Solomun would have been aware he was going to be on the same lineup as Derrick May. Whilst I don’t know the answer to that question, I do know Solomun played plague raves – so I suspect principles aren’t exactly high on his list of priorities to start with.

By the way, did you get your $10,000 fee, Derrick? Given they couldn’t even promote your appearance and that your diary isn’t exactly busy right now, I very much doubt it…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.