You can usually tell when the dance music press are looking for that exclusive interview with someone about their latest project. They start being extremely supine, writing only the nicest things and leaving out bits that the artist might get a teeny bit upset about.

This is something you can see very quickly from Solomun’s latest album. It came out a few days ago and judging by the way the dance music press are writing about it, you’d be half forgiven for thinking it was the greatest album since “Hotel California”. Which usually means they’re quoting a press release, desperate for an interview – or both.

One thing you can be assured of the lucky magazine or website that is graced with his presence won’t ask him about is his views on plague raves. It might put him in an awkward spot – especially given he made appearance at Mexican Covid hotspot Tulum back in January…

He wasn’t keen on being filmed there, was he? Curious how he wants your attention when he’s got an album to plug, but not so keen when it comes to a Covid spreading rave…

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One thought on “Solomun’s got a new album to promote – but take a guess which of his recent activities the dance music press WON’T be telling their readers about?”
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