People sometimes ask me how they often find dance music stories on this blog before the mainstream press pick up on them. The answer is quite simple. Because the dance music press are hopelessly slow at doing things – they have to go through various chains of editors and lawyers.

Mine don’t. They go through several departments, all of whom are staffed by the same person, so they go out quickly. Earlier this week, I gave you the example of Resident Advisor running a story about Daniel Ek investing €100million into a defence tech company – I ran it two weeks ago. Analogue media in a digital world.

And now the incompetence of the dance music media is out there for all to see after Mixmag published this article about workshops taking place in Barcelona on how to set up your own nightclub. But anyone interested in going might have to acquire a method to travel back in time…

Yes, the event took place three weeks ago – and they only got around to publishing this piece on December 1st. I’m looking forward to their article next week about the Sunrise festival, which to borrow their words, “will take place on Saturday 12th August 1989″…

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By The Editor

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