Some of you might have found the dance music world’s silence on Danny Rampling – in particular, the refusal of his self-important old friend Terry Farley of Faith Fanzine – quite baffling. I don’t. The reality is a worryingly large number of them agree with his ridiculous views on Covid being some kind of conspiracy.

But slowly but surely, more people are making their feelings known. The latest is rising star Hifi Sean, who pointed out that he’s potentially “spreading omicron with his followers & helping likely shut down again of the industry he works in. Logical eh?”.

Logical indeed. Hifi Sean might not be aware of this, but Rampling’s views on lockdown used to be dramatically different. On March 23rd last year – on the night British Prime Minister Boris Johnson placed Britain under the tightest restrictions on our lives since World War 2 – he posted that “the irresponsible in society who will continue to go against the PMs words will only change their selfish ways when they see death first hand and rising body bags”.

With the UK having now seen some 147,000 deaths already from the pandemic, Rampling has yet to change the “selfish” and “ignorant” ways which he described. It’s certainly not in the spirit of the halcyon acid house days of Rampling’s roots, that’s for sure.

Many in the comments ask when things started to go wrong for Rampling. As someone who’s been looking in his direction for a while now, my most educated guess is when he left Radio 1 in 2002. From his ventures in the property market to his other ventures in the restaurant trade, things just don’t seem to have been the same since.

Perhaps the answer lies in going back to his roots – and showing solidarity with anti-vaxxers and other cranks most definitely isn’t doing that…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.