This blog prides itself on saying things the way they are, rather than regurgitating the press release fodder you find elsewhere. And whilst PR stuff is written by people who go out of their way never to say anything that might upset anyone ever, my perennial habit of calling others out does annoy certain quarters.

The fact they’re annoyed pleases me, partly because it means I can write about them again. So I wasn’t terribly surprised to discover last night that Danny Rampling has blocked this blog’s Instagram account. Obviously, it’s his right to do so – but what ultimately led to his decision to press that button?

I only ask because I’ve been writing about Rampling’s ramblings now for several months – this blog’s first post on him dates back to April 27th and I understand he’s been aware of Amateur’s House for some time already. And whilst I generally don’t comment on personal issues like someone’s weight – I believe the comments of his anti-vaxxer friends were in the public interest.

Hence why after delaying the article a number of times due to concerns about its tone, I published it on December 23rd. I was able to view his Instagram page at the time – so what’s happened since? I reached out to one of the sources of the previous article.

He told me “I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t like someone writing that I was getting fat, would you? But it’s true of most of us. I put on quite a lot of weight during lockdown and am still working on getting rid of it. I don’t like it, but it’s still true.”.

Short of the man himself reaching out to explain his decision – admittedly an unlikely prospect – we shall never know. Just don’t harbour the impression it stops me seeing your posts, Mr Rampling…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.