Whatever you choose to call Danny Rampling – the Runny Dumpling, Danny Rambling and other less printable suggestions have been made by others – there’s one thing you can’t deny. He loves being with other people. And given that human beings are traditionally highly sociable creatures, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.

So it’s in the spirit of bringing people together that I present this post on behalf of the Insta-blocking DJ. This is a person – or possibly a collective of people, no one’s too sure – who Rampling might remember from earlier in his 900 year career in dance music. And like Rampling, this person has also been shamelessly rinsing past glories for present day gain.

Meet Baby D. Yes, the same Baby D who released “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” back in 1992 and possibly the worst cover of 1980 song “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” by the Korgis in the history of music. The band used to consist of singer Dorothy Fearon, Claudio Galdez and MC Nino, otherwise known as Terry Jones.

It’s not entirely clear exactly who runs the band’s Instagram page, but I suspect it to be Fearon – no one else ever seems to make an appearance. And when she’s not relentlessly reminding everyone of the band’s one hit record – which only became so after a resurge in interest two years after it was released – she posts anti-vaxxer propaganda which would make Danny Rampling proud.

Take, for example, this deeply misleading post which implies cancer patients are going without treatment because of the ongoing Covid booster jab programme. Or there’s this post where she even explicitly tags Danny Rampling and weirdly praises him “for stepping up at this critical time for mankind”.

New year, new friendship for you, Danny…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.